The Hague 2010

Pretty Smart Textiles 2010 took place from 31 May 2010 - 24 June 2010 at the Nutshuis in The Hague. Pretty Smart Textiles was the first exhibition in the Netherlands showing an overview of electronic textiles by emerging Dutch artists and designers.

During the opening there was a talk by V2_'s Piem Wirtz and a performance of Hysterical Bubble by Anja Hertenberger. The exhibition was officially opened by wearables blogger Syuzi Pakhchyan of Fashioning Tech.

Exhibiting Artists & Designers

Daan Roosegaarde, Maartje Dijkstra, Meg Grant, Nicky Assmann, Dorith Sjardijn, Melissa Coleman, Heike Sperber, Marina Venendaal, Karina van Heck, Florian Kräutli, Aduen Darriba, Joachim Rotteveel, Anouk Wipprecht, Charlotte ‘t Hart, Evelyn Lebis, Paula Kassenaar, Paula Segura Meccia, Mark Kwikkers, Anja Hertenberger


Dorith Sjardijn, Melissa Coleman

Exhibition Design

Joachim Rotteveel


Joachim Rotteveel, Frank van den Berg, Dorith Sjardijn, Melissa Coleman, Liyen Cheung, Mariana Fonesesca

Organisation VillaNuts

Damaris Verkijk

Director of Photography

David Joosten